Our fallen sediments are elements of all
In elegance and intelligence
An eminence of eloquent emergence of accord
From a crawl to an animal capable of a call
In an inner innocence
A fable of Abel disable Cane
Cause rain slip into the vein core semantic a war for the four
We are the coals of the athenor
And so beyond the door within the fire blaze is a lion’s rays
And we’re raised
To calcination and a higher phase  (Stage one)
And we combust to a frame of ashes and dust
Brushed to a vial leaving violence and dire lust as a rust
We’re purified with fire’s refined fusion
To the hues of dissolution (Stage two)
The honourable soluble salt solid admonish the solace
Now I am honest as I wash in the tears of the forest
Hydroscopic chorist with a chorus of iron and Horus
And in accordance we admire the lion before us
And so arise
In an ablution solution improvised
Impetus rise and negativity immunised
And in our eyes reside our libations
Patience unfolds the separation (Stage three)
With and anti-calm harmony armed with the art’s armoury
Duality dance in a trance advance hardly
Cast to a vast urn we churn in harsh barbarity
Polarity animosity harrier carrier course
They always say we must divorce from the body to marry the force
You see we’re lost in the malady invalidity source
And so we carry the corpse to the courts of pure function
And so begins our conjunction (Stage four)
Sol Luna unison communion union unity hewn humanly
Sulphur and mercury
Are wedded to bond and now the snakes inherit the wand
How we have longed for the traits that merit the strong
Obsidian minion now a mind in million
Redefined meridian bright vibrant vermillion
Body in brilliant iridescent dominion in mirrored lirium nation ovation
To fermentation (Stage Five)
Descend to the mire of the pariah and putrefy
Darkened illuminae in I and I in nihilism
And dire division the prison cold as the night of the soul
Dissolve body let the spirit evolve
And so we’re told
We are the aura of the ouro bouros
A blackened thesaurus of the sun and the daughter before us
Abhorrence in the fraught water of slaughterous altercation
Creation to the train of distillation (Stage six)
And I see clarity purity not disparity obscurity
We rise through the vessel and descend in immunity
The tears of maturity are funnelled in the tunnels and the lanes
As we bubble in the flames as community rains
Within the veins of the matters of the apparatus
We gather data from the ladder of ladder of ladders
Shallow in a chalice of the jewelled caesarean daggers
We are the balance of the dual caducean adders
On odyssey of the potently odorous eau de vie
Free spirit unequivocally solarly holily
And lead home from the lowly and roaming and lonely
To a throne thrown thrice to the odorous rotary
Road owed to we hope and harmony are mastered artily
Cast of alchemaeical artery
Martyred are mars and Artemis free from altercation
The seventh stage of creation, Coagulation (Stage seven)
Within the prima materia formerly leaden exterior
Now appear an image of oro superior aura era
Raw with the form of a mirrored golden veneer
Four near behold and revere we are the boldest of the upper tier
Our vision virulent omnipresent and eminent
Present a benevolent element from leaden sediment
Sentiment of a course in settlement of omnipotent force
We’ve grown, and we’ve honed the philosopher’s stone
And we rove roads of monopoly sown
And groan wizen to the tone of the monotony zone
Within the clocks and the codes of docks and blocked roads
Where Romans once roamed
We’re embroiled in a tome of tenuous effigies ingenuous seas
The strenuous seize the sinewy seed of sinning industry and indices
We’re high in diseased seasons of hierarchies
Cut keys but the wound heals as if we’re Achilles
So from the athenor pours a reformation
Immersion in lights of fire of revelation
Elation relayed on lyres of revolution
Emotion displayed in layers of blue illumin
Bathed on the wondering face of another human
In wind water fire and earth in true union, we are the coals of the athenor, and we are more.

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