Cracks in the Paradigm

Too many hours in the days
We fiend for the prowess of the pays
Like a page under power of a thane
To devour the sane
The lame cower for grain
Degrade sour as their pains now are retained
Detained in the tower tame
Trains are chained with trained traits
Who traipse into the inner gates
Hammering the slates of capital rates
Cannibal fetes they throw fakes to the many clones
And whip stones from the domes of our modern Rome
We live in leisure and lust pleasure embedded in the bust of Columbian dust to dust
Trusting the succubus caustic metropo-lies of iron nature
Souls of wickedness lay course for the mechanised
Because they beckon defector to secular side
Infected with a snide angular sign
Triangular with prying eye
Pious and callous malice arise our society
And us humans run through the dunes of anxiety
Too many hours in the days
In a daze of pounds and Dow trades
We’re doused and now drained endowed within the power game
Shower the brain into a shroud of physical strain
Energy rains crowds of sows with cynical chains
So from the belly of the east has developed a beast bequeathed into a laurel wreath
Hollering belief at the common sheep
Sodom asleep our modern Commodus creeps
Within the keep of the apocalypse to honourless streets


The horror heats the corrobary heaps
Of the commodity their robbery reaps
And not the quality our colony needs
And on our knees is our liberty and freedom
Reason bleeds into heresy and treason
In lethargy legions of allegiance
Crushed by hereditary leaders to allegiance
Heed your soul
For their war is a tax on the mind
The axe and the vine
Cracks in the paradigm.

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