You gave me something that I’d never seen
Within this cinema of similes
At least
Or a myriad of any scene
Or cease
Like the pyramids of Misraim
When you’re bursting at every seam
Then peace
To see your one who in love is mean
And you breathe
For the lungs of London
And we run
With the rungs of hunger
Seek sun
And now I’m stunned asunder
I see you
You were the sum of every summer side
And the few
Now my pages have come alive
And the truth
To the roots of roots of roots
Within a tune
Of the desert and the air balloon
And you climb
The hewn steps of inherency
In breadth, depth, and melody
And my test
Now I bear a fire that will never rest
Unless I am the dragon of the family crest
And bless
For the lance is harmless, and harnessed
I use it as a torch to advance through hardness
The shield is steeped in evil
So I purify the colour and the cross to the steeple
I guess we’re only people
In this hysterical malaise for the lazy sage to reign equal
And you are one of none more
You are the daughter of the war for the building of law and all run away
You see the horse is a divorce from the courts of the soul
In the rage of the coal and the flame of the mould
But your sword of fortune is useless as iron ore
And from our monarchy you’re fruitless and iron poor
All I carry on me is a lion’s claw
Of a paw
To guard the fury of my inner core
We’re in accord, now in a corner of a cordon
Lost in pursuits of boredom
I see the follies of Hollywood are falling in entropy
Now I dream and I’m calling your entity
As she envelops me
I am the carver of little wings
I walk a workshop enheartened with wooden rings
And as the metal sings I shape the kings of England
And rove over Rome’s dominion
Of minions and ministers
And of their sinister opinions administered
Behind bars of barristers
You see the grimace of the people were the laughs of Grafton
And the Lion in the collar is the sun in serfdom
So flee into circles, curved curtains drawn
Into a world of angels now worked and worn
Upon the dawn of another trance
I see you dance with the kings of the renaissance
Heart to heart
Pass the past like a dead field
Blood congealed and sealed into a red shield
You’ll feel a pressure to bear yield
To marry as Aryans and carry the flames
From the gates of Sumer to the land of the snakes
And the stakes of races, fast we flee cages
From the holly of the druid to the mace of racists
In this palladium of tired stress
I am the dragon of the family crest
And in my chest are the chants of ages past of dark sages
Who walked then waded to the Caucus ranges
And in caves were shaded as they watched the rains
Arrange raging torrents and then to lochs refrain
To the meandering course from the source of Caucasians
Fade a monochrome of a Roman maiden
Because she wooed a vagrant that would soothe her ear
She saw lines at midnight and would fight the fear
And hear the lectures of pedigree
The ghost
Of where we’d rest in the nest of the Medici
The most sacred geometry
Within the mixed aristocracy of lottery reign
But the weakness of the genes is the cost of the brain’s perspective
The old fight to right the sane
Are you an angel or the devil that bites the vein?
So fly away to the steps of Lemuria
I’m just a child of Yorkshire and Pretoria
A subordinate’s euphoria where forgery falls
Into the halls of Bristol where you’re ignoring my calls
All wisdom and words
You made a promise with your very eyes
And turns
Into the memories of our demise
And burns
I am immersed in yearning wise
And I’ve learned
What this religion of earning buys
Within the midst of the minimised
And so I churn
I am the pendant with the crystal eye
Lie chrysalis form rise call the kiss of life
Still in the corner of my dorm there is a knife
So be a wife and to a child provide the best
I am the dragon of the family crest.

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