Getting in touch

I’m feeling frustrations
Because it’s blatant in the face of citizens
That we’re still being led in the way of a leash
Like we haven’t got our own two feet
The ability to go with the heart was always there but we forget it
Then visuals lead
And we have lost our way
Our attention strays to sparkly lights and shiny things
What fulfillment do they bring
Your inner is you not what you see in the mirror
Your soul animates your character
Not this manufactured world around the perception
Which forgets compassion
Or acts like it’s on a ration
Executed around in an orderly fashion
We’re diverted form our unseen actions
Our spirituality’s been held for ransom
By us
All it demands is our awareness and our trust

2nd Verse

I want to feel alive
Live a life and deliver lights
Rise higher than the fights and the filaments
Lost in the chrome and the sibilance
A pillar of time
And the miller of twine or just a face on a pillow reclined
We climb ladders from the adders on the board
And the brawn of the balance and the sword
They fall with their bladder gorged into the gorge of fraught forges
Cuffed to the swarms and crossed with saint Georges
The form is and edifice of menace like you’ve never seen
Sold with the premise of a promise for the evergreen
Greed from the Greeks, misnomers from the Romans
Evolved to a humanly shoal in mass comas
The clones are swapping their gold for their coronas
Stewed in an ignorant bowl of cold codus
As cobras perish in the cauldrons of iron ore
I will live by one law
I am more

3rd Verse

The tie is getting tighter
We need to release the power from within
Love and sin is all a part of growing
Make mistakes and learn
Don’t strive for perfection
We go from lows to highs with lifes corrections
Then progress with closer inspection
The past isn’t there to last
But to gain from experience in a forward motion
Hiding from ourselves and everyone else
We put up fronts created by multimedia
Feeding the subconscious with what is
This isn’t a coincidence
Duality’s a product of the corrupt
Look it up
When I did I felt unstuck and a little out of luck
But now I have answers to my climate
And now I have arrived to the conclusion that

I want to feel alive and aligned to enlighten my design
And extinguish the fire in the minds of English
Distinguish soul in the stings and the strings
But we cling to the links and the rings
So the vision is a prism of similar sight
Milling in the haze to facilitate the villains in the hague
There remains a plague layed embedded in the plains of society
Deprived of soul shine and guided maniacally
Still they’re dissolving the inner force but the higher see
truth of a tooth for a tooth throughout the hierarchy
Keys of thesis of defeatist foetae
For weak eyes suffer by the knives of street wise
Oblique lies leak through the nutrient lines
To ante deluvian mines in the communion mind
So until the union rise and we’re alive to our inner core
I will live by one law
I am more.

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