Free breathe
I lose a leaf, plant new seed
Numerous new means to realise true dreams
Realign new needs, new knees, unique keys
We sail seas of anenomy enemies
I my inner mind I’m in the midst of the minimised
Amongst the cannibals who call themselves civilised
Living living lies giving eyes to the disguised skies
Over looking all the mistimed lives
Who derive from a mist-eyed kind
Hands freed from a mis tied bind
To rewrite the times lined with Midas minds
Who can’t see what the inside that guides us finds
It finds timeless rhymes and chimes endless times
Shines light through the paradigms
Of the pantomimes of the magpie misers
Who bear their incisors at wise advisors like vipers
Ripe as the apple of Eve
So breathe what you perceive into material for us to believe
To bleed lust to be lost at sea
An anonymous anomaly for nominees made
To fight life with their modesty maimed and honesty tamed
A copy of a picture in autonomous frames
In ominous lanes endarkened by our honourless ways
And they cascade through the maze as nights make days
And so the light fades as the bright shades show inner age
From our inner page where we incubate rage
And imitate plays in illiterate ways
So if you rise
Realise life relies on lines of love’s light
To ignite inner sight in all of a kind so shine if you’re falling behind
Blind to the binds of the intertwined vines of the inner mind’s lines
Sublime to climb high from this village of villains that vilify my vanilla sky
Music is a guide a stride where love strives to survive
A force that be to keep the hive alive
Which shines light through the lines of lies
Replies to the wise and sees through the alibis that abide
Hidden in the false that we idolise
Beside the signs that deny tranquillity I
My positivity I my soul symmetry I
Spirituality avidly animates inner anime
In our animal underlay it’s a thirst for the runaway
And so I pray for the sun of another day
Delay until your mornings are matinees
Of acted accolades and lacklustre praise
And in a phrase it’s a phase of affray
For a face afraid to face, feel, and find
The real strengths that make mankind kind
But we decline to climb the incline
From the bottom of the mine of the modern day monotonous grind
I find a firefly, desire rise to the higher eye
Inspire I and I try to define why
Write my message in the passage of passivity
And I pour positivity on cynical similes
So if it’s what you want to be, just be
Don’t force what you need to see when you see weak in me
I’m just trying to run free on a weakened knee
Bad advice is a vice and a seedless tree
You see the apple bears a cost but the leaves are free
My girl you were the sun that believed in me
You made similar a second and a century
By my trust is never lost
What will be will be
But we’re a drop in the sea of locks and keys
Submerged in the rocks and reefs
Beneath troughs and peaks
Within reach of the beach as the sharks retreat
Upon a raft of the past with a mast of feats
Repeat last defeats and I bear malachite eyes
And where a kite flies, clouds colour collides
I am the number nine and I pine for my one to find
And I pine for my one to find, and I pine for my one in mind
One in heart, one in time
Under the tides I swim paralysed
Letters from the riverside written to my inner mind
Rise from the minimised
Hide from the hypnotised
Talk to the victimised
Sympathise, we must empathise
Until we learn to love each other blind.

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