We persist
For the followers of force of the fire core
Hollow in awe before messiahs of the higher door
Swarms of lions of iron ore in violent war
Silent or, ultraviolet warm
The form torn for another born sworn to saunter sore
Swimming and living for more, more forgiving the poor
Pours as an ebony twist within a black mist
A woman’s lips and a cracked fist
So now the river’s revealing a sea of lies for the seeing eyes
Signs of vision arise rife within them alive
Military minds rifle primed at the more deprived
For Mordor is alive
And breeds with an energy based to bait faith and brace the brain
Bigotry stains a strained system of fickle gain
And so the sickle swings, as the riddle sings
Chess moves through the patchwork of little kings
Lord of subordinate rings cornered in a cordon of a affordable things
Sting marauders so fraudulent bring force to the borders of Orwellian order
And clings to the fringe of a stringent society
Strained of variety anxiety rise as highety dies
Divide via dire lies
Life in dialysis
Alice is lost in the edifice
We’ve let Shaitan ascend through the precipice
Pessimists mists envelop developed terrorists
Inherently venomous, nihilistic and erroneous irrelevant elements of souls of severance
And I drain wisdom for gems in the sediment
Because the message is a passage from the pallet of I
Of how the malice survives within the callous of pallas’s eye
The knowledge that the palace denies to my people is evil
Within my mind there’s no steeple
And so a vision of a better day sways in a bitter breeze
Interbreed, bleed, and breathe the new Eden
Of heathens and beasts who teem the streets of thieves of the pieces of Athena
Mass misdemeanour
Creeps to the seats and sweeps the scene
Until the first true President greets the queen
Fiends are alive and thrive before our very eyes
I fear we’ll never know freedom before it dies.


2nd Verse

So we persist
Through the focus of the frame with a flame holding hope retained
Managing the strain though we never fade
Devilry slain through the swathes of modern decay
And I let my mind shine light though the barricade
Crawl through the malice and the menace to a better course
Doors of remedial healing and force feeling alive
I will survive through the darkness
Hearken the many rise to cut paths through the minimised
Because we are the elements of all embedded within a leaden wall
Headed for the fall of the white squall
Heading a call to walk tall and never crawl for cause is a blessing high
So rest steps with a lesson of why the Christ spirit’s alive
And lights signs of a coming war
I search suns of the summers I never saw malevolent through every pore
So now I pour pure serenity ore
To source oracle soul persist bold in the shattered cold
With one goal
Manifest through the manifold
Never dissolve and hold faith until old face evolves
My fate controlled, all that was left resolved
Rhythms of a mission envisioned and given to life
For more than a prison of rights
Arisen past Sinicism the sight finds a symbol of similar minds
Who swap files to defile invisible binds
And this is for the people who reside with desire to rise
From our society sides from a squire to sage
High, the sobriety cage will decay and cave in the crazed
Raised in relief of the lame, stray and depraved
Infinity preys so I pray for a new Genesis
Rest from the nets and the reins of the nemesis
All for a better day, upon the inner cliffs
Persevere through the mist
We persist.


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