I fear a coming wave
A vision vivid inhabits my mind
Rushing through inhabitants aligned under architraves
The flood in the maze
Arrayed forms in the rubble ablaze ascend structures of crumbled decay
They’re staying clear of the torrents donning buoyancy aids
Surveying the boiling lanes once clear of  the river Thames
Claimed by the waters are the names of London
The cars and the buses and the trains redundant
The solace of the broken eye
Now the wheel of a water mill still from the spills of the one divine
Silent city under brine
Violent the thunder came; and brought Deluvian rain
It accumulated in the mains and raised into the drains and the cisterns
Of Seven Sisters sewer systems – persistent
The barrier breached reached the hulk of the carrier beached
Upon the streets of our leaking capital
So the survivors of the plunder tide stride through offices
Engulfed in aqua black, acrid, and under grime
They seek a place above the water line
You hear the crying of a mother’s fraught face
With her child’s future undefined
On alighting a flight of stairs they bare down on fire lit faces
Laying embracing and unawares
Innumerable vulnerable stares
Huddled in the crevice of an edifice twisted and frisked by the surge
So they urge for food under roofs of crude shelter
Embraced by humanity accrued they helped her
She was given nourishment and medicine in the mezzanine
Within a scene of a city of sea
She sees Parliament enveloped in the firmament
Free from the fervour beneath
The metropolis drowned bar the crown of Hampstead Heath
And in the niche now survival unites them in common cause
As a voice echoes through the corridors……….

2nd Verse

It began when the crest of recession was lessoned upon the modern west
Torn from the caress of the monetary breast
The last breath of investors and vested interest
Bore a dark child of persistent incest
And so our industry froze
The black dog of unemployment rose and rose
Until the coasts were closed
The repossession of homes, depression unbeknown braced
They used terrorism as bait to embrace the database
The biometrical arm embalmed with the pentacle star
Our sentinel tsars of Cameron and Obama
Marred then marked, scarred, and cast out the media
Vilified our internet and burnt our Wikipeadia
Subversive material seized under imperial creed
From an alabaster carcass the ethereal fled
Fuelled the beast to feed upon the free and the freed
The fiend’s stasis of economic freeze
Police presence increased to creep secret in the peasants
And collect corrupt penance on their beats
Keeping the peace by keeping a piece released from afar
Until the souls of England bore the card of the N.I.R.
Masked armadas of Al-Qaeda martyrs admitted to the Middle East
Beasted and harboured
Command of Osama war with the arm of their creation
They’d detonate the debtor nation
So heed the menace of an enemy of many metal faces
A racist anenomy basis of depleting bases
They broke their bone’s braces and crossed to Iran
Unearthed a new Saladin and burnt the Qur’an
The corral of the desert left desolate Allah
And a lesson of alarm to the coalition’s calm coalescent psalm carnage of fedayin
Until the sand grew green with leagues of the Mujahadeen
Brought the bear and the dragon to bare upon the cradle
To suckle from the towers of Babel
The stable destabilised, crisis unable to last
And then the houses of the west felt the military draft
And cast letters of the Cenotaph’s marred demands
Into the clasp of the mothers of the farms
Oh, my brothers in arms
They duck and cover a running to stay alive
Spitting bullets at the hammer and the scythe

3rd Verse

They promised it would be the last in the aftermath
The blast conjuring the desert to a vast mirage
Cast the peril to Oman and Amman, to Sudan and Afghanistan
Until the Mullahs and Imams were calmed
To proposition a demand for remand of armament biological
Nuclear, chemical, psychological
Fuse the moon, the sun, the stars and the stripes
And the browns and the yellows and the whites
To a division of the green and blue sea
With axe of tethered beam
To interbreed the method and the mean
And blessed  were the few
Fuelled feuds of a lesson to allude
Bring chalk to the table or be struck by the cue
They fuse union cubes within the pyramid of order new seclorum forum of rouge
Crude, fattened and amused
But the sons who meddled with God’s painture
Incurred the wrath of Mother Nature
Her medicine erupted in the mountainous, the mantle, and the sea
To retaliate and sanitate the scene of the battle and the siege
Rain surge into valley and verge and onto alley and curb
Rush through gully and urbs
Until the herds her malady heard
Humanity’s allergy occurred as the cure to our ecology of err
Wash through colleges of ivy and ghettos of Haiti high
Devouring the towers of ivory
Human survival
H2O flowed through the clothes of Saville Row
Hackney, Brixton and Battersea and battered the abodes of Bow
Into the homes and the boroughs and the dome
Making Buckingham the palace of the Doge
And still it rose
She’s lying drying in a cove fire close with her son enclosed
In clothes soaked into the bone
But she’s not alone
In a place where survival unites them in common cause
A voice echoes through the corridors……….

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