The Guide

The guide
Let me walk in another place
Are we eyes
Away from tears on my mother’s face
And be mine
For my soul bears another dream
Until my body is the earth of a sunbeam
In feeling we form in another way
Lost meaning
The prints of another stray
Soul rise
Quiet be the inner blessed
More lies
Many need a better way
So hold me
And pray that I never fade to cold sea
Shine through the barricade
One guide
A raft and a cast away
The night time
Brings me a better day
We’re all life
Life on a common course
So why
My mind is a wooden horse
Keep moving
Steps on an inner road
And stay breathing
art form within a code
I want answers
Questions within a word
I need meaning
Speech of the overheard
Core forces
Laws of the hourglass
Are more choices
Voices within a grasp
We all see it and why do we never speak
We all feel it
A goal that we never seek
Make music, power that can never die
In our world, sound of the nature cry.

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