The Tree

And so we rest on a plain
Stained with a million souls within a frame
Holding a billion moulds with a grain
We’re degrading and raining omnipotent names
Who crush soldiers with innocent aims
So now our freedom of soul is held within a cauldron
Felled to the swells of the doldrums
Cynical eyes fold dreams into mineral hives
Just hold until the lion arrives
When the defiant survived to realise they were tied by the helix
Lies of the phoenix
Rhythms of the links and edits
Then a seed was grown to steel cedar
With nothing but the truth to feed her
Then she freed her leaves
And fled high through the eaves and ceilings of the seasons
Floods through the creed of heathens at the heel of the great seal
We all kneel in our needing and nihilism
Reading Orion in the skies
So leading defiant she rises above the crimes of the time wise animal shrines
We shine inner soul, inner self
Feeding her roots into the twenty two fruits of the groups of reality
I see the seeding of the mind a forever cure
It’s an endeavour from the blind to a vision pure
And in the fall of all we’ll form energy
A swirling ethereal swarm of pure memory
It’s the call of calling through the roots of society
Mechanical anarchy and desire
be cause for the zionite knights to unite with high teachers
Nine ethers will dissolve our black caesers
Many seeds
Within the structures are many seeds
Our brave new worlds erupts in prophetic seas
For one season in reason alive
To leave and survive our rupturing culture
And why do we walk in the darkness?
Now that darkness defines us
Marching to the borders of change
Ordered and chained
Can you not see?
We are one and the same
In this edifice of manipulation and control, there is only one sky.

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