You see I feel it in my chest
It never rests
On the forever quest
To free the lion and the horse from the crest
Our questions
Bear the premise of a form for the cure
Of the menace of the poor and the pawns
So in a pause of sobriety
Society it washes away
Leaving a sediment of sentiment of crosses obeyed
And where the coshes are flayed
Amidst the stages of moshes and raves
The colossus is scathed deep into dollar decay
So play
Or be a Ronin of honourable way
And beam light through the mines of solemn and grey
You see our great picture is marred with sorrow and stained
But with a flame we’ll ignite tomorrow again
The aim – rain horizon with metaphor
Until an iron lion roars through a metal jaw
Mauling the horns to restore symmetrical law
I am more, and you are more
See we are born of ethereal ore
Of purity inherent to sidereal score
More than sore faces
Chafed by interior wars and storm chases
Through changes you’re guided by the shaman and sages
So we traverse the malaise and the lanes of lazers in blazers
In the brace of abrasive masons and majors with the mace of obeyance in arm
I cast yards of yarn past the dance of the carnival
I see the feeling in the eyes
Dreams of the populous lost, crushed, defeated none the wise
So as the summer subsides sliding asunder as the sun decides
You feel the spirit come alive
We have arrived
Through the pollution rise seeds of a better way
Back to the stable ride steeds that were led astray
And to the stage and the plots of the oculus
Races a wave to awake the innocuous.

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