So let our vision be a mission of omission of tradition of the ways
On the waves we wage the abolition of the slaves
The condition of the cage is an age of aliens
And they aid the inane with a face of salience
So from the corners and the borders are marauders of the mind
From the quarters of the ki come the walkers of the sky
As they cry for decorum they climb then crawl into the forum
Of Novus ordo seclorum
The fallen swarm over the doormen
They’re storming the cordon and flood through the halls to the boardroom
The hoards of boredom in the brawl of the cauldron
Order and all chaos without call for caution
So for a portion they storm the courts and set flame to the stalls
Seeing anarchy scrawled upon the walls
In the wars of divorce from the force of suppression and pressure
And anger in the souls of the brethren
They’re enveloped in the venom of inevitable change
The indelible rage the crazed flail as the barricades fail
And the jails are bailed of held people
Equal, clearing the stage for new sequels
But evil awaits the fates of few leaders
In circles of thought now political arenas
Hyenas breed to wolves that feed remus
And tents of descent stem peaks of Giza
Within degrees of the dragon of the ether
The maggots in the meat were the magus and the teacher
So sense beseeched into the dagger and the Libra
And anarchy leeched to make a killer of a healer or villains of the meagre
Watch akira rise, we are Aquila and love is above every other healer
The ether feeds eager to free the reader from the media
To search through the souls of the seekers
We must dissolve the deceivers
See, we are involved in a conspiracy deeper than the coldest caniver
In our declining climate of course we climb higher
My fire
Force through the forms of the mire.

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