The Opa.narise album (2009)


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The album is based around a single idea of a slowly changing mood, ranging from atmospheres of tension and anger to calm and serenity.
We’ve taken the rough formula of hip hop and added deeper instrumentation and wider soundscapes, plus aimed to have different structures for each of the songs on the album. The instrumentals are added to with spoken word, poetry, singing and rhyming from various artists involved with us.

The aim of the album is to provide the listener with a completely involving journey from start to finish, using the various medias to achieve that, we cover thoughts ranging from observations of the way we live day to day, to political views, to spiritual angles and possibilities.

Album Praise

“Great Music. You guys know my thoughts but everyone who reads this and hasnt got a copy download it now. One of my favourite albums of the last few years well worth the wait. Thanks for blessing my ears with a masterpiece. You both have worked so hard and it shows in the quality.”

“Examplification of the nature in which spirit/truth is proving it’s divinity through the mind in this day and age… The most visually inspiring experience (to me as an visual artist) since I have heard in a long time.
Much Respect”

“I must have listened to it from start to finish about 30 times now.. still cant get enough.. massive respect”

“Absolutely incredible. beautiful sounds…excellent samples…poetry as lyrics. i can’t say enough good about this. I am in awe.”

“Your album is great. It has a tremendous flow with great lyricism and rhythm. It is very hypnotic. Would love to see some live footage of you guys performing or better yet go on tour and come to Ireland!”

“I found this through the ‘alchemy’ tag radio. utterly amazing. thank you.”

“Much respect … the album was a really enjoyable listen! Phat beats, good lyrical content and word play … but best of all, the truth in the message!”

“Hey there, THANK U A LOT, U GUYS ARE SIMPLY AMAZING, compositions are wonderful. Listening to it as I write this and LOVE it!”

“I’ve listened to two tracks so far. This is truly, truly brilliant!”

“I’m sitting hear with my ear phones on listening to ‘Dragon’ and my whole body is goosepimpled. Sublime.”

“I’ve listened to your album more times than i can count and it is truly one of most incredible collections of music, lyrics and lateral thinking i’ve ever heard. A friend passed Nine onto me a while ago and then said you’d been quiet for a while. He then came back with this. Genuinely amazing.”

Distribution So Far:

300 copies on audio DVD

3000 + direct downloads