What is Opa.Narise?


Opa.narise is based around a simple idea. We make music that reflects our view of the state of the planet on which we live; the positives, the negatives, and all in between.

If by listening to our music you have benefited in any way, then we have achieved our goal.

Our website is intended to be a hub of further creativity and information which we see as enriching to the person seeking knowledge, and interesting to the person not.

If by visiting our website and in reading its contents you have benefited in any way, then we have achieved our goal.

Opa.narise is a phonetic spelling for ‘open our eyes’.

We believe that positive change will happen if we begin to pay attention to our circumstance. To digest and eventually understand the predicament that we as the human family are in, good, responsible knowledge must be attained. Once this knowledge is understood, the individual can then take responsible action on his or her own level to better their own internal and external circumstance, so bettering the world around them.

We aim to provide just a small amount of this information through music, writing, video, and art.

Opanarise.com will be constantly updated with new tracks, articles, interviews, art and more over its course. We want this to be something for people to know is real, without the intrusions of advertising and the constant harassment of the commercial internet.

If the momentum of new conscious thought is maintained, then the potential for change will become truly palpable. We hope to be as best a part of this change as we can possibly be.

O.N. 2009